Why use concrete?

Concrete is an outstanding material in many ways. It is not only beautiful and durable, but also eco-friendly. The mixture can be transformed into virtually any solid shape the creative mind can think of. The finished possibilities are endless various colors, polishes, textures, or embedded objects, concrete countertops are adaptable to suit any decor.


What are the eco-friendly advantages of concrete countertops?
Concrete itself is eco friendly, a surpurb green alternative.  We typically reuse our mold and form-making materials to reduce fabrication waste, and many of our countertops contain “inlays” of recycled glass and stone.


Does concrete stain?
At Concrete Studio 35, we use only the highest quality concrete and sealers available. These sealers provide an extremely protective barrier that will prevent the penetration of foods or liquids, therefore preventing most stains. Our sealers also create an ultra-smooth surface, making clean-up as easy as possible.


Do concrete countertops crack or chip?
With the high grade additives Concrete Studio 35 uses, we greatly reduce, and in most cases completely eliminate the risk of cracking. It is possible for a hairline crack to develop, but they are considered characteristics, NOT structural failures. Just as with granite or marble, the corners of concrete countertops can chip if struck by a sharp object. Concrete Studio 35 has extensive experience in properly constructing and installing our tops to lessen the probability of damage.


 Are color choices available?
We can produce almost any color combination our clients can imagine. Simply let us know what decor style and color scheme you are trying to achieve and we will create it.